Yellow-fleshed potatoes from Sila Agria variety


6 kg bag


Among the various typical Calabrian products, the Patate della Sila have conquered a central role in the local culinary tradition.

What makes the Silana potato different from all the others is therefore the climatic and geological condition in which it is born. It is a potato accustomed to high altitude and temperature changes: it grows to 1300 meters. with temperatures ranging over 20 ° between day and night. These particular conditions have made it particularly robust and resistant to diseases; moreover, its thick skin repels the attack of insects and makes it suitable for conservation, as it has a very long latency period before budding. Furthermore, the soil of the Sila plateau is rich in mineral salts, and the spring water with which the furrows are irrigated comes directly from the highest altitudes, without neglecting, finally, that the air of the Sila is considered by scientists to be among the most clean to the world. From a gastronomic point of view, being rich in starch, it has a firm and dry pulp which makes it suitable for long cooking.

Production area: Parenti (sila plateau - Cosenza)

6 kg bag

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