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Artisan capocollo from Aspromonte

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Our capocollo is produced using the upper neck of the pigs we raise on the farm. Its optimal maturation is obtained after approximately 120 days of seasoning.

PREPARATION: salting of the meat, stuffing into natural casings (after 12 days), splinting between two sturdy wooden rods.

Once the 3.5-5 kg cuts of meat have been selected and boned, salting in brine continues. This operation lasts 10 days and is followed by washing with wine and pressing in a press, with the addition of crushed hot pepper.

The product is then wrapped in pork casings and then proceeds with the traditional manual binding with natural twine and the use of the characteristic sticks. The seasoning is about 120g

Organoleptic characteristics: when cut, it is bright pink in color with streaks of fat typical of the pork loin. The flavor is delicate and is refined with ageing, the aroma is characteristic and of the right intensity.

Slice of about 500 g. Product subject to natural weight loss of 15%

Whole of about 1700 Gr. Product subject to natural weight loss of 15%

N.B. Whole Capocollo may not be immediately available. They are generally available within 7/8 days.

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