pecorino crotonese dop

Semi-seasoned Pecorino Crotonese DOP

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Soft and sweet cheese, white or slightly straw yellow in color. The rind is thin and canestrata of a straw yellow color, while the paste is uniform and creamy, with rare holes and a milky white color. The flavor is strong, soft and slightly acidic. Made from sheep's milk from farms located in the PDO production area, whose basic diet consists of green fodder, coming from a maximum of 4 milkings. It is produced from the first weeks of October to the first weeks of June.

The area of ​​origin of the milk, production and aging of our Pecorino Crotonese DOP includes the municipalities of the Province of Crotone. The pasteurized milk, inoculated with native lactic ferments, is added with kid rennet in paste; the curd, therefore, undergoes a break to the size of a grain of rice. The mass is semi-cooked at 42-44 ° C, the resulting paste is poured into baskets for manual pressing; finally, the forms are stewed and immersed in the whey at 55 ° C.

Seasoning: Between 60 and 90 days.

Packaging: Vacuum packs with single product.

Type of package: Thermoformed polyamide and polythene film suitable for contact with food.

 Mode of consumption: It can be consumed as it is, in flakes or as an ingredient in food preparations.

Allergens: Milk. It does not contain gluten and / or sources of gluten.

Original weight: 1000 gr ( mezza forma sottovuoto)

Weight of the product you will receive: 800/950 gr

The product is shipped in a freshness-saving bag and cold accumulators in GEL FLEX®

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