EXTRA aged Pecorino Crotonese



Pecorino Crotonese EXTRA Flavors of yesteryear has a hard and brown rind, it can be capped with olive oil or sludge. Intense and decisive taste, with a very light spicy aftertaste, obtained from sheep's milk from farms located in the PDO production area, whose basic diet consists of green forage, coming from a maximum of 4 milkings.

Pecorino Crotonese cheese is so called because of its origin: it is produced in the Crotonese Marquisate, between the plains of the Ionian coast and the slopes of the Silano plateau, where the diversity of grassy essences that originate from the particular nature of the soil, provide a unique variety of milk.

Pecorino Crotonese is produced with the best whole sheep's milk. Intense and aromatic on the nose, the cheese makes it immediately perceptible what will be found in its flavor: a pleasantly intense experience for the palate.

Available in the 1 kg variants (half vacuum-packed form) or in the 2 kg variant (whole vacuum-packed form).

Be careful not to confuse the Crotonese aged pecorino with the EXTRA aged Crotonese pecorino which differs for a longer seasoning.

This product is shipped in a fresh-proof bag and ice gel to ensure proper storage during transport.

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